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  1. ORDER CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS Information on Cancellations and Refunds can be seem in our Terms & Conditions Orders can be cancelled based on the order status from within the customers account which was used to place this order. This is a fully automated option which deals ...
  2. Downloading Windows 10 from Microsoft Website You can DOWNLOAD Windows 10 FREE from the Microsoft Website from the following link   We recommend downloading WINDOWS 10 to a 16GB USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 USB FLASH KEY When you download to the USB key you can now use the key ...
  3. Problem Solving your PCs Hardware and Software when you have an issue If your PC is not performing as you expect the problem is most likely related to software such a the Windows Installation or an Application which has created an issue within Windows.   If a PC is turned off or a Windows Update is interrupted then this was be a cause of many problems. ...
  4. How to connect your New PC to a Monitor or TV
  5. How to Package a PC or Laptop for Return          
  6. Frequantly Asked Questions Frequantly Asked Questions - Delivery Information - COVID19 Restrictions  
  7. How to test and verify if you have a hardware fault The easist way to confirm if your custom pc or laptop has a hardware fault is to test the components of your pc using test software. Our technicians use software from PASSMARK when we are testing custom pcs and laptops. There are 3 software applications from Passmark which can be used to test ...
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