MAY 05.05.2021

We have now added the Intel 11th Generation Range of Processors to our PC Configurators along with the new H510M and the Z590 Chipset Motherboards. The 11th Generation Intel Processors offer up to a 15% Performance Improvement in Gaming over the Intel 10th Generation Processors. The 11th Generation of Intel Processors are optimised for gaming which is an unusual announment from Intel !. In our opinion the pricing of the Intel 9th Generation still makes these processors a viable alternative to the 10th and 12th generation of processors. You can save money by choosing the 9th Generation Intel Processor and use the saving to add more memory or a better video card. Just do not tell Intel we told you this !


MAY 04.05.2021

After 4 months of Increasing prices on Graphics card we have seen pricing on the GTX1650 finally come down. The prices are still higher than 2020 however you will now find GTX1650 cards on our website at prices under €400. This we hope a sign of downward pricing however we are aware of serious supply chain issues and therefore we expect pricing to remain high.


NOW IN STOCK - RTX3060 & RTX3070

APRIL 27.04.2021

We now have the KFA2 RTX3060 and RTX3070 Available for order across our range of custom pcs. The pricing of these cards in our PC builds is subsidised to ensure the best price for our customers.



APRIL -07.04.2021

Our Live Chat is now back online and is available from 10AM to 5PM Monday to Friday Excluding Bank Holidays. Live Chat is for Level 1 Support Only which means PRE SALES and Order Delivery Enquiries. Technical Support and Account Enquiries must be made through the Help Desk or my sending an email to Customers Abusing access to Live Chat will be blocked from using this feature.

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