You will find everything needed to build or upgrade a custom desktop pc from us with competitive pricing as well as Lifetime Support and Delivery Across Ireland with DPD.IE . We are a 100% Irish company and we both provide support and ship from Ireland which ensures quick delivery as well as an easy returns procedure direct from the customers account. We carry a range of over 9,000 products across categories such as Graphics Cards , Motherboards , Memory , PC Cases , Power Supplies and much more.

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  1. (1024x768) Acer X1228i DLP portable 4500-Lumen 4:3 USB Composite-Video VGA 3D Speaker XGA Black
  2. (1280x800) Epson EB-982W 3-LCD 4200-Lumen 16:10 VGA HDMI composite video Speaker WXGA White
  3. (1280x800) Epson EB-W06 3700-Lumen VGA HDMI composite video Speaker WXGA White
  4. (1280x800) Epson EB-W51 LCD Portable 4000-Lumen 16:10 VGA HDMI USB-A USB-B Speaker White
  5. (1920x1080) Acer P1557Ki 4500-Lumen DLP 16:9 HDMI 3D Full HD White
  6. (1920x1080) Acer P5535 DLP 4500-Lumen 16:9 VGA HDMI composite video MHL 3D Speaker Full HD White
  7. (1920x1080) Acer PL2520i 4000-Lumen DLP Laser 16:9 HDMI USB 3D Speaker Black
  8. (1920x1080) Acer X1526HK 4000-Lumen 16:9 HDMI Full HD 3D
  9. (1920x1080) Epson EB-1795F 3200-Lumen 3-LCD Portable 16:9 USB HDMI VGA wireless NFC Miracast Speaker Full HD White 30-39dB
  10. (1920x1080) Epson EB-992F 4000-Lumen 3-LCD 16:9 2xHDMI USB-A USB-B VGA Speaker Full HD White
  11. (1920x1080) Epson EB-FH06 3-LCD Portable 3500-Lumen 16:9 VGA HDMI CompositeVideo Speaker Full HD White 28-37dB
  12. (1920x1080) Epson EB-FH52 4000-Lumen 16:9 VGA 2xHDMI USB composite Video WLAN Speaker Full HD White
  13. (1920x1080) Epson EB-L260F 16:9 4600-Lumen 3-LCD Laser VGA HDMI composite video Speaker FHD White
  14. (1920x1080) Epson EB-L265F 3-LCD 4600 Lumen 16:9 VGA HDMI USB composite video Speaker Full HD Black
  15. (1920x1080) Optoma HD146X DLP 3600-Lumen HDMI USB-A Speaker 3D Full HD Black
  16. (1920x1080) Optoma HD28e DLP 3800-Lumen HDMI Speaker 3D Full HD Black
  17. (1920x1200) NEC Display P547UL LCD-Laserprojektor 16:10 5400-Lumen VGA HDMI Speaker White
  18. (3840x2160) Optoma UHD35x DLP 3D 16:9 3600-Lumen HDMI Speaker 4K UHD White
  19. /937cm/34" (3440x1440) Lenovo ThinkVision T34w-30 4ms HDMI DP USB-C Wide Curve Raven Black
  20. 1000W ASUS ROG-STRIX-1000G 80+ Gold
  21. 1000W ASUS TUF Gaming-ATX12V | 80+ Gold
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